All photography by Cindy Ruprecht

     As a naturalist and mother, connecting people with nature is my passion. I truely believe as a people we need to heal this connection and start living in a different way in relation to the land. Healing our spirit and our bodies is the first step towards healing the land and in healing the land we heal ourselves. Everything is connected.
     My deep love and connection with the Earth has led me to source my materials as locally as possible and to recycle and upcycle whenever possible. I also love combining ancestral skills with my pieces and bringing that ancestral knowledge forward to the present day in my work. It is my intention that my art will bring whatever healing energy you may need as it has helped myself in creating it. May it help deepen your connection and reverence for the land and to each other. Many blessings for that which feeds us......



Nature has all the answers, if we could only see.

Through time prophesies have foretold that the moment of humanity’s transmutation would arrive, and that women would be at the forefront of this process. And here we are, bringing our seed.
— Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire