Hawthorn for the New Year 2018

I've been busy, busy working on many new things at once. So much creativity is rushing in, and not enough free time to channel it. This is a painting I started on the New Year, Hawthorn. Every year it has been a tradition for me to start a new painting on the New year for the upcoming year. One year, I stayed up all night and completed a painting start to finish. That doesn't happen very often. I started this one and painted all evening into the new year, but it got tabled for a while and now moving with it again.


I am trying something I haven't done before, painting on raw canvas. Trying to usher in my new artists' statement principles. Will see how it turns out. It is already very different and textured, rough and raw. I like the way it makes me paint differently.


Hawthorn is a beautiful shrubby tree that bears edible fruit. It is most known for it's medicine for the heart. We have a native variety here, but it has black berries. The one I am painting is the european variety and has beautiful red fruit. This is to strengthen our hearts for the year to come.


I'll post more pictures when it is finished. Stay tuned and create abundance.